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It is now 3:18 AM EDT on Friday, May 24th

Next week's NVBA unit game: Beth El: Grass Roots Fund game - Click HERE for this year's entire schedule.

The next District 6 monthly BBO online flighted game is: Wednesday, June 19th.
Game time is 7:05 pm for the 0-199 game, 7:10 pm for the 0-999 game, and 7:15 for the Open game. Contact VACB139840 in BBO Virtual Clubs to join the game.

There's a new NVBA newsletter. Click HERE to view and read it.

Marshall Kuschner is reopening his 7:00 PM Wednesday night game. Click HERE for details.

You can now receive notices about the NVBA unit game and sign up online in advance to play. Click HERE to register.

Unit game partnerships. Jason Carter has taken over the unit game partnerships. Click HERE for more information.

A local bridge player, Frederick Gramlich, has passed away. Click HERE for a picture and obituary.

Upcoming Tournaments

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 Baltimore Sectional - Fri, Jun 7th -to- Sun, Jun 9th 
 Richmond Summer Sectional - Fri, Jun 7th -to- Sun, Jun 9th 
 STaC District 6 - Mon, Jun 10th -to- Sun, Jun 16th 
 Washington DC 4th of July Regional - Mon, Jul 1st -to- Sat, Jul 6th 
 Virginia Beach Fall Sectional - Fri, Jul 12th -to- Sun, Jul 14th 
 Toronto 2024 Summer NABC - Thu, Jul 18th -to- Sun, Jul 28th 


The NVBA is committed to Zero Tolerance. If you ever have an issue with another player at an NVBA sponsored event, please call the director immediately. Read the NVBA's Zero Tolerance Policy.

In conjunction with NVBA's Zero Tolerance initiative, we've posted material about bridge ethics. Click here for educational articles about ethical behavior at the table.

This year's Tournaments

Unit game schedules