The NVBA Sara Goodwin attendance award

SARA ELIZABETH GOODWIN passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly during a routine hospital procedure Thursday, August 6, 2009, at the age of 65. Sara was born in Columbia, South Carolina, and, in addition to raising two sons, was an environmental engineer with the U.S. Corps of Engineers and a volunteer at the White House. She was an avid gardener and bird watcher, and without question loved the game of bridge. She achieved the rank of NABC Master, one step away from Life Master, early in 2009. Sara was a constant presence at the Thursday night NVBA Unit Game and attended all of the NVBA Sectionals as well. In fact, Sara was the NVBA member who participated in the most NVBA-sponsored events in 2008. At Ron Kral's suggestion, the NVBA board established the annual Sara Goodwin award. The trophy is presented each year to the person who participates in the most NVBA events from December-November, and is awarded at the annual Holiday Party in December. There are many awards for success at the table, but this trophy is different. It rewards dedication to the game of bridge and support of the NVBA games. Remarkably, the first year's award was a tie between an A player, a B/C player and a 199er.

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2019 Ken Davis
2018 Ken Davis
2017 Ken Davis
2016 Ken Davis
2015 Ken Davis
2014 (tie) Ken Davis, Duncan Wainwright

2013 (tie) Jim Dresser, Kathleen LaMarre, Eric Poskanzer
2012 (tie) Ken Davis, Jim Gerding
2011 (tie) Hannelore Suffridge, Mike Sofocleous
2010 Ken Davis
2009 (tie) Ken Davis, Tony Robson, Jenny Shaefer