The NVBA Rookie of the Year Award

The NVBA Rookie of the Year trophy is awarded to the Non-Lifemaster player who wins the most masterpoints during a calendar year playing in NVBA-sponsored events. This award is presented during the NVBA annual meeting.

Point your cursor at a name in color below to see pictures of the winners.

2017 Ellen Simonoff
2016 Ruth Hansen & Lawrence Plotkin
2015 Cathy Walton
2014 Jeanne Theis
2013 James Sprung
2012 David Lindley
2011 Yuen de Anda
2010 Richard Poznanski
2009 James Shoenhard

2008 Ike Oren
2007 Robert Magruder
2006 Nagy Wehbe
2005 Eric Poskanzer
2004 Maribel Newby
2003 Richard Hottell
2002 Clinton Johnson
2001 Gregory Belmonte
2000 Paul Krueger