The Ron and Mary Ann Kral 199er Award

This award was suggested by Francesca Mazarella, initiated in 2016 and is named after Ron and Mary Ann Kral. This award is the 199er/novice equivilent of the Dave Murray award. Ron started the unit's 199er game in February of 2004. Since then, he and Mary Ann have contributed to managing, supporting and expanding opportunities for the 0-199er players. Ron and Mary Ann Kral have worked tirelessly to serve the members of the Northern Virginia Bridge Association and improve the activities of the Unit. Together and individually, they have successfully organized and conducted efforts such as the Lifemaster/non-Lifemaster game, the sectional guaranteed partner program and Bridge University at the last 4 Washington DC North American Bridge Championships. They are particularly dedicated to encouraging newcomer and intermediate players to participate in duplicate bridge. Their efforts in designing and carrying out extensive programs for these players at sectional, regional and national tournaments are notable and successful. For these reasons it's fitting that the Ron and Mary Ann Kral award recognizes a regular player in the 199er game who exemplifies the following attributes:

  • A strong duplicate bridge player who strives to improve his/her game through lessons, reading, and playing.
  • A good partner who is supportive, positive and encouraging at the table.
  • A good opponent who recognizes good plays of others and exhibits good bridge manners.
  • Someone special who everyone would like to play with or against.
  • Someone who contributes to the unit by volunteering and helping to make our unit game a success.

Point your cursor at a name in color below to see pictures of the winners.

2019 Georgia Booker
2018 Pam Yood

2017 Gary and Janice Scavongelli
2016 Jeanne and Philip Theis