The NVBA/WBL Player of the year

The NVBA/WBL player of the year is the NVBA or WBL member who won the most masterpoints in the combined NVBA and WBL sectionals. Players must attend at least three WBL and three NVBA sectionals during the contest period (August through May) to be eligible. Points won on tournament Thursday evenings are included in the totals, but do not count towards eligibility. The winners must be in good standing in the ACBL and in the local units. There's one Lifemaster winner and one Non-Lifemaster winner. This award is presented at the annual DC Metro area July 4th Regional. Click on a blue date range below to see the final standings for any particular contest period.

Lifemaster winners
***In progress***
Brad Theurer324.93
Peter Boyd197.69
Brad Theurer283.49
Steve Robinson221.45
Steve Robinson164.23
Steven Schatzow161.87
Steve Robinson173.56
Bill Cole127.36
Steven Schatzow184.75
David Milton176.92
Leo Lasota237.99
Leo Lasota154.11
Steve Robinson149.29
Steve Robinson125.47
Leo Lasota188.34
Leo Lasota145.88
Leo Lasota172.87
Leo Lasota191.95
Leo Lasota205.44
Robert Gookin216.26
Robert Gookin233.65
Janet Gookin182.33
Steve Robinson194.44
Non-Lifemaster winners
***In progress***
Alexander Stille72.05
Brian Sutton42.24
Barbara Teng53.23
Adam Gann104.79
Terry Klein55.69
Jill Benson40.54
Thomas Jennings50.73
Thomas Jennings49.37
Fred Gramlich33.11
Kiyomi Shiba56.59
Amanda Carter41.77
Kiyomi Shiba50.98
Angeliki Magklara75.61
Lily Andre43.83
Michael Gill77.49
Wanda Avila37.06
John Lowe III57.91
Alfred Graham35.86
Hailong Ao65.15
Josh Sher43.13
Leo Lasota46.47
Mita Banerjee91.96
Yi Zhong93.12