The Man of the Year Award

The NVBA man of the year trophy is awarded to the male player who wins the most masterpoints during a calendar year playing in NVBA-sponsored events. This award is presented during the NVBA annual meeting.

Point your cursor at a name in color below to see pictures of the winners.

2017 Robbie Hopkins
2016 Robbie Hopkins
2015 Ken Davis
2014 Ken Davis
2013 Steve Reed
2012 Ken Davis
2011 Ken Davis
2010 Ken Davis
2009 Steve Reed
2008 Ken Davis
2007 Bobby Gookin
2006 Ken Davis
2005 Ken Davis
2004 Ken Davis
2003 Ken Davis
2002 Bobby Gookin
2001 Bobby Gookin
2000 Bobby Gookin
1999 Jeff Roman
1998 Bobby Gookin