The Dave Murray sportsmanship award winners

The Dave Murray Award was suggested by Marshall Kuschner and was established as an annual award to recognize a NVBA player who best personifies the ideals of skill and good sportsmanship and exhibits the characteristics of friendliness, courtesy, warmth, enthusiasm, humor and bridge skills at the table. These attributes were what made Dave Murray everyone's favorite partner. It was always a pleasure to have him at your table either as a partner or as an opponent.

The first award for the year 2003 was made at the NVBA annual meeting in the Spring of 2004 with Andy Gabrilovitch as the first recipient. Up through the Spring of 2009 the award was presented for the previous year. Subsequently the NVBA Board decided to make the award in December at the annual holiday party in December for the current year. This policy was initiated in December 2009. Al Duncker's testimonial to Dave Murray.

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2019 Rusty Krauss
2018 Kenton Schoen
2017 Carolyn Gibson
2016 Lynn Beresford
2015 Bruce Houston
2014 Vonnie Lavender
2013 Mike Cappelletti (posthumous)
2012 Nancy Loomis
2011 Bob Boyd
2010 Norma Pierzchala
2009 Jean Levin
2008 Bob Hartmann
2007 Lorraine Yarmovich
2006 Ed Gofreed
2005 Jack Armstrong
2004 Janet Gookin
2003 Andy Gabrilovitch