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ANNOUNCEMENTS (updated Saturday April 23, 2016)

  • The NVBA Life-Master/Non-Life-Master game is coming up ON JUNE 2ND. You can sign up by filling out a registration slip at a game, or do it online here.
    If you have any questions, please email Kevin O'Brien or Joe Hertz. Include your name, your LM/NLM status, and the number of masterpoints you presently hold. You may also BYOP (Bring Your Own partner) as long as the partnership is one LM and one NLM. Please notify us even in this case for our planning purposes.
  • The NVBA is committed to Zero Tolerance. If you ever have an issue with another player at an NVBA sponsored event, please call the director.
  • In conjunction with NVBA's Zero Tolerance initiative, we've posted material on our website about bridge ethics. Click here for educational articles about ethical behavior at the table.
  • It's the Grand National Teams (GNT) Season. Click here for information about the District 6 GNT club games, conditions of contest, and finals.

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